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Mrs. Gleek

This year marks my 23rd year teaching. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Education from Ohio University (GO BOBCATS!) and a Master of Library and Information Science degree from Kent State University. I am also a Google for Education Level One and Two Certified Teacher, Google for Education Certified Trainer and state of Ohio Master teacher. 


I love both technology and young adult literature, so it is no surprise that I LOVE my job!

I am happy to answer questions about technology, books, resources or just catch up with you personally! 


Library Rules:

  1. Students MUST have a SMART pass from class or study hall. 

  2. Students who want to use the library during a lunch period will need permission from Mrs. Gleek, an administrator or guidance counselor PRIOR to the lunch period. 

  3. Once in the library, students MUST stay in the library until the bell rings unless otherwise noted on the pass. 

  4. Upon arriving in the library, students must sign in using the Chromebook at the front of the library. It is each student's responsibility to make sure that they complete this form for attendance purposes. 

  5. Students MUST have a SMART pass to leave the library for any reason. Please show Mrs. Gleek your pass before you use the restroom, go to your locker or see a teacher.

  6. Students using the library MUST have something to work on or be willing to quietly read so that other students are not distracted.

Library Behavior Expectations:

  1. Students will not access inappropriate websites; doing so will result in a loss of privileges and disciplinary action by the school.

  2. Students are expected to behave in an appropriate manner and be respectful of the staff.

  3. Students will remain in seats until the bell rings and class is dismissed.

Fast Facts



7:10AM - 3:15PM


Books & Audiobooks:

3 Weeks

Graphing Calculators*:

School Year

*while supplies last


All printing must be for school use 

Black and white under 10 pages: free 

Color: we do not have a color printer for students


Lost Books: Students will be charged the purchase price of any lost book. As an alternative, you may purchase a new copy of the book (same format - hardback, etc.) and bring that to the library as a replacement. Often, this second option is cheaper. 


I do not charge overdue fines; however, I encourage you to bring back your books before they become overdue so that others have an opportunity to use the resources.  

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