Library Policies & Procedures for Staff

Information Center Policies for Staff



If you would like to bring your class to the library and/or computer labs, please call or email to reserve a day and periods.


*When bringing a class to the library or computer lab :

•Please make sure that you arrive with your class and stay with your students for the entire period.

•All students need a pass to leave the Information Center when leaving for any reason (restroom, locker, etc.) Please bring a pass with you as our library passes need to go out with students here from study hall.

•Please remind your students to clean up after themselves, push their chairs in and if it is the last period of the day, please have students power off the computers.


*When writing passes to the library:

•In order to come into the library without a class, students need a pass from a staff member. 

•When writing a pass for a student, please use the Information Center passes that have been provided for you. If you need more of these passes, call or email and we will get more to you as soon as possible.

•Each student coming to the library needs his or her OWN pass. This is important because we do our attendance each period using these passes, and therefore need one per student. Also, please make sure to write the student's FULL name legibly and in pen. It is also essential to include the TIME that the student left your classroom or study hall. This prevents students from abusing your passes.

•Please send no more than 4 students from your classroom at one time (AGAIN, PLEASE WRITE ONE PASS FOR EACH STUDENT). If you need to send more, please contact the Information Center to make arrangements.

•If you are a study hall teacher, please do not write passes for study hall students to visit the Information Center. Students need to have a pass from a classroom teacher or an Information Center staff member. This ensures that the student has work to be done and will not distract other Information Center patrons.

•If students are in the Information Center and not working on an assignment for school or reading for pleasure, they will be sent back to class.


Thank you for helping us run a successful library!

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